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Description: On a Fall evening in a local coffee shop, we asked a group of Christians the following questions. Their responses were diverse, inviting, and unedited... - As Christians, what should our response be to Third World countries? - Is it possible to be a Christian, and live a homosexual lifestyle? - What is one thing you would change about the church? - What is worship? - The church has always had certain taboo sins. How should Christians respond to these sins today? You're invited to take part in your own spiritual formation process by allowing other Christians to stir you, validate you, and possibly offend you. Topical Bible studies are provided for all five questions, so you can get the most out of “Coffeehouse Conversations”. Each study includes: • A Video of the the coffeehouse discussion • Discussion Questions • Suggested Scripture passages Use these unique videos in your sermons, small groups, Sunday School, or with your family. We're very pleased to offer this resource to you, and we pray that your heart will be strengthened, challenged, and encouraged by taking part in this process.


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