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Description: The Worship Media Handbook by Jeff McIntosh is designed for anyone who is involved in the worship lyric projection process and is looking to improve the quality of their worship slides. It describes in detail the best methods to compose, edit and present professionally crafted worship slides. After reading the handbook you will have a well-rounded knowledge of presentation design and be able to communicate your messages more clearly.

This 101 page PDF ebook on the fundamentals of worship projection that will help you and your church media team prepare, edit and project worship lyric slides with excellence. Some of the key topics covered include: typography, layout, line breaks, grammar, spelling, types of media, using worship backgrounds, using color, timing your slides, copyright laws, managing your media and so much more.

GROUP LICENSE INCLUDED – This handbook was designed to be read and shared among your team. Please note that this group license does not apply to campuses, satellite locations, church plants, video venues or educational institutions. Each purchased copy is restricted to one geographical location.


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